Florida Finders Fest would not be the incredible event it is without the aid of wonderful volunteers. Each activity planned throughout this weekend long event has a Forest Minion heading it up. If you are interested in helping out with an activity this weekend, the Forest Minions would greatly appreciate it and reward you with an exclusive pathtag available only to our volunteers.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.


Forest Minions

Forest Minions are a cooky, fun team of volunteers who take on the additional responsibility of heading up an activity. This includes additional time, responsibility and sometimes monetary investment. Responsibilities will vary depending on the activity, but as a Minion you will be in charge of planning, organizing, coordinating, execution, and clean up of your assigned activity.

We are always looking for grow and evolve. We love to hear new ideas for activities and events for the weekend’s fun. If you have any ideas of suggestions you would like to share or run, please email krystalking1982@gmail.com.

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