Great TB and Coin Race


  1. All TBs to be entered in the race must be new; that is, they must not have been dropped into any cache prior to the Florida Finders Fest 2018 event cache. They will all have the event as a common starting point with zero miles.
  2. All entrants should be logged online as “dropped” into the event prior to or during the event. ONLY ONE BUG AND ONE COIN ENTRY PER CACHING NAME. The travelers must be registered to that name. All entrants must be turned into your host, QQNONREV at the event during the designated time at the specified location. DO NOT drop them at the travel bug trading table.
  3. Volunteers to pick up race TBs should come by the Trading Post within 30 minutes after the cut off for Racer drop off. All TB entrants will be distributed to the volunteers who have agreed to move them to their first cache.
  4. All owners of all TBs entered in the race are expected to show good sportsmanship with regard to other racers. This means that if you find another TB which is entered in the race, you will take no action that will unreasonably hinder the other entrant’s movement. This includes, but is not limited to, picking up and holding the TB or placing the TB in an exceptionally difficult or rarely visited cache.
  5. You cannot move your own trackable.
  6. The race will end at the Florida Finders Fest 2019.
  7. There will be two winners chosen:
    • Most miles by a bug or coin that returns to Florida Finders Fest 2019
    • Most miles by any other bug

Each winner will receive an ammo can stuffed with highly sought after boodle. There WILL be geocoins involved.