Join us for Florida Finders Fest 2018, a weekend long celebration of Finds, Fellowship, and Food at the beautiful Fish and Wildlife Youth Campground in scenic Ocala National Forest October 18, 2018 through October 21, 2018. Attending and participating in the activities are free. To help raise money to cover the costs of the event, we have event exclusive items available for sale. If you would like to camp at the group campsite, reservations for your tent or small camper are required. There is also a limited number or cabin and bunkhouse space available available for purchase. To reserve any of these, visit our online store.

   The philosophy of Florida Finders Fest is “Finds, Fellowship, and Food”.  Our intent is that there is something for all geocachers.  If you’re a numbers ho, there are lots of caches. If you are looking for quality, you’ll be in a national forest with lots of great new caches and lots of long established caches. Hiking, kayaking, drive ups, off road, and everything in between, it is all there. And if you just want to chill and hang out with some fellow geocachers, there is plenty of opportunity for that as well.

    One of the key activities of Finders Fest is “The Gauntlet”, a hike of five to eight miles that includes ten to twelve caches as well as number of physical and photo scavenger hunt items.  A little known fact of Finders Fest history is that the first Gauntlet was not at the first Finders Fest.  Rather the first Gauntlet was known as “Saint Patty’s Green Gauntlet” and was held in Osceola National Forest during NEFGA’s “Hurricanes Blow” event.  It was a joint effort of IceCreamMan and UFBuilder.  The event was at The Landing on Ocean Pond and was a rescheduling of an event that was cancelled several times due to the hurricanes of 2004 (thus the name). The winning team was “Twisted Sisters and Company” comprised of Cache and Keri, Marine Biologist, and McLeod1.